Financing, Securities & Insolvency

As an entrepreneur, you maintain an overview of your company. You are accustomed to being in business. Similarly to every other entrepreneur, you have to seize opportunities and take risks. We are in an ideal position to help you in this respect. We focus our expertise on creating the optimal climate for you to do precisely what you want to do: run your company.

In collaboration with our banking and finance experts, we can help you (re)structure your company or its assets. We can also help you establish securities when necessary and keep an eye on the civil-law and tax aspects. And, if necessary, we can also make arrangements for spreading risks within a group of companies so these risks are limited. In transactions involving a going concern, or a company sale or restart, we help you to control your risks so that you do not have to face any unpleasant surprises or problems related to (managing directors’) liability.

Distress – insolvency / restructuring

Insolvency occurs in every economic climate. For you as an entrepreneur, the insolvency of a customer or competitor can be an opportunity. Because a large number of our lawyers are frequently appointed as receivers or administrators, they are able to help you make an acquisition successfully. We can also help safeguard your position in the (imminent) bankruptcy of a client or customer, to limit losses and, where possible, to transform a negative scenario into an entrepreneurial opportunity.

In addition, if you are unexpectedly confronted with (the threat of) having to close down, we are there to support your company, its executive managers and supervisory directors. We focus on your company’s survival (even if it means restructuring) and guiding you through the pitfalls associated with insolvency, which we are better equipped to do than anyone else.

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