Frensh Desk

We are fluent in the French language and are well acquainted with the business culture

French Desk

French Desk

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We have extensive experience in supporting companies doing business in France or intending to do so. In addition, we support various French companies and (governmental) institutions with legal issues and being confronted with proceedings in the Netherlands. We have an excellent command of the French language and know the business culture of France.

The legal and business climate in France differs considerably from the Dutch situation. Holla's French desk can help you make the legal, linguistic and cultural transition so that you can enter the French market successfully as an entrepreneur or be well informed in matters with common ground between the Netherlands and France.

We advise our clients on various legal issues, including:

  • Disputes and legal proceedings involving French parties
  • Mergers and takeovers
  • Commercial contracts and negotiations (e.g. franchise, agency, distribution, partnerships, collaborations, etc)
  • Transport and carriage of products
  • Intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, licences)
  • Liability issues
  • Debt collection and seizures
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employment terms
  • Real estate and rent
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy
  • Competition and tendering

Our track record

Experience with Dutch companies in France:

  • Assisting a Dutch wholesaler with setting up a distribution network in France.
  • Assisting a company intending to apply conditions to a sister company in France that are as similar as possible to the conditions used in the Netherlands.
  • Proceedings before the Dutch court in which French law is applicable, for example, about defective products delivered from France to a Dutch company.
  • Advising parties litigating in France on Dutch law, for example on franchise agreements to which Dutch law applies.
  • Advising tree nurseries in a conflict with a local French government on a public procurement procedure.
  • Advising the food industry on the labelling of products and the product name to be used, for which specific requirements must be met in France.
  • Screening of contracts and licences governed by French law in the context of a due diligence for a merger or acquisition.

Experience with French companies in the Netherlands:

  • Assisting French (semi-)governmental organisations with litigation and mediation in the Netherlands.
  • Advising a French company on setting up a branch in the Netherlands and choosing the optimal legal form, providing information on the Dutch rules in the area of employment contracts, absence through illness and dismissal of employees, the tax law.
  • Assisting a French event organiser with the negotiations with a view to a multi-year contract.
  • Advising on Dutch law in French litigation.
  • Advising on the Schengen Information System.