Bas van Dooren

Bas has worked for Holla for over thirty years and has been a partner since 1996. He is the youngest son of one of our firm’s founding fathers. Bas is an expert in financing, securities and insolvency, and corporate litigation. He has many years of experience as a liquidator in bankruptcies and as an administrator in moratoriums. Over the past few decades, he has settled several major bankruptcies. Bas also advises companies that are experiencing difficulties and assists directors in liability matters.

In one bankruptcy in which Bas acted as the liquidator, he commenced an action – against the flow of legal opinion – against the ABN AMRO Bank. He appealed to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands three times and won. These proceedings led to the famous ABN AMRO/Van Dooren ex officio rulings.

Bas distinguishes himself as a keen, knowledgeable, and courteous lawyer. The kind of lawyer that tries to find solutions when none are apparent. He will not quickly abide to the paved legal ways but likes to construct new ways. Colleagues appreciate his ability to put matters into perspective.