Willemijn Fick-Nolet

Willemijn has worked for Holla since 1990 and is a specialist in advising and litigating in financing and securities, corporate law, (director’s) liability matters and business services. She regularly acts as a lawyer for the liquidators of Holla legal & tax. In addition to that, Willemijn specialises in issues regarding the Dutch heating regulations (Warmtewet).

When Willemijn has set a goal, she will not rest until she has achieved it. She knows her subject as no other. This, combined with her legal acumen and critical stance, ensures that her advice and pleas are rock-solid. She is kind and courteous, and towards the opposite party she is strict and clear, but always fair. Willemijn is a friendly and loyal colleague. Anyone who has heard her burst with laughter will agree that it is infectious.

Willemijn’s professional traits and her deep understanding of human relations are not only valuable in her work, but also in her position as a member of the disciplinary board of ‘s Hertogenbosch (Raad van Discipline), where complaints about lawyers in Zeeland, Noord-Brabant and Limburg are being treated. She finds it rewarding and enlightening to pass a judgment and then explain this decision to all affected parties. The function is an enriching experience for her.