Procurement Law

Our team of procurement lawyers provide advise and litigates on behalf of contracting authorities, such as municipalities, water boards and provinces, and on behalf of companies tendering for a contract.

Aanbestedingsrecht Bouw en huurrrecht

Our specialists have extensive experience with tenders in various sectors. Examples include procurement in the social domain, procurement of temporary staff, waste collection and processing, gas, heat (pumps), IT, hard- and software, furniture, multifunctionals and printers, cleaning and related services and (public) transportation.

Our team of procurement lawyers can assist during the entire process of a tender, this includes the following areas and more:

  • (Risk) analyses prior to tendering (general conditions, penalty clauses, IP claims, liability, etc.)
  • Formulating, applying, and explaining tender conditions (eligibility requirements, award criteria)
  • Submission of a tender, ensuring correctness and completeness (including filling out the European Single Procurement Document, procurement references and documents concerning joint tendering, soliciting a third party, and/or subcontracting)
  • Formulating questions for information notices
  • Summary proceedings or the submission of a complaint concerning the procurement conditions with the committee of procurement experts (Dutch: CvAE)
  • Summary proceedings with regards to the preliminary award decision or the selection decision

We are a full-service law firm where teams work closely together, and communication lines are short. This enables us to call upon the knowledge and experience of our specialists in other practice groups or form a multidisciplinary team when necessary. Depending on the type of procurement and the specific issues at hand, our procurement lawyers often work with colleagues in other teams, such as employment law, health care, IP, ICT & privacy, and the members of the transition team.


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