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Legal support for doing business in Germany

German Desk

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The lawyers of the German Desk of Holla legal & tax support companies doing business or intending to do so in Germany. Besides that, we advise several German companies and (public) organisations on legal issues and procedures in the Netherlands. We are proficient in the German language and have a deep understanding of the German business culture.

The business and legal climate in Germany differs considerably from the Dutch situation. Holla's German Desk can help you make the legal, linguistic and cultural transition so that you can enter the German market successfully as an entrepreneur or be well informed in matters with common ground between the Netherlands and Germany.

We advise our clients on various legal issues, including:

  • Disputes and legal proceedings involving German parties
  • Mergers and takeovers
  • Commercial contracts and negotiations (e.g. franchise, agency, distribution, partnerships, collaborations, etc)
  • Transport and carriage of products
  • Intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, licences)
  • Liability issues
  • Debt collection and seizures
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Employment terms
  • Real estate and rent
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy
  • Competition and tendering

Our track record

Experience with Dutch companies in Germany:
  • Advising a company on drafting general terms and conditions that were in line with the Dutch terms and condition for their sister companies in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
  • Litigation before the Dutch court under German law, an example of which is on the subject of defective products from Germany.
  • Advising a party involved in a lawsuit under Dutch law in Germany, concerning agency agreements.
  • Advising a company in negotiations concerning supplier contracts.
  • Assessment of German contracts and permits as part of a legal audit and a legal investigation in mergers or acquisitions.
  • Negotiations regarding alleged liability.
  • Drafting of German contracts as part of a merger.
  • Advising a partnerschip about their options with regards to the settlement of alleged debt and claims.
  • Acting for an organisation in a dispute between shareholders.
Experience with German companies in the Netherlands
  • Advising a German company on all issues concerned with opening a branche in the Netherlands, including choosing the most advantageous legal form and explaining Dutch legislation on employment contracts, illness and dismissal of employees and tax law.
  • Support in negotiations involving Dutch
  • Onderhandelingen met Nederlandse business partners.
  • Advising on Dutch law in German legal procedures.
  • Advising on contracts with Dutch distributors.
  • Support with the collection of considerable claims in Dutch legal procedures and seizures.
  • Advising a German organisation with activities in the Netherlands on contractual liability and liability resulting from an unlawful act.
  • Acting for a German company in a disciplinary procedure that involved trading with a Dutch tax advisor.
  • Advising a German organisation that accused a Dutch import agent of alleged flaws.