Directors' liability

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The lawyers of Holla legal & tax have extensive experience in advising and (successfully) defending directors with respect to directors’ liability. Our clients are directors of various organisations, including large to middle-sized companies, foundations, and associations. We act for directors in matters involving internal liability (on the part of the legal entity and its organs), external liability (on the part of third parties, such as customers and suppliers) and directors' liability in bankruptcies (on the part of the liquidator). Holla's strength lies in the combination of knowledge and experience between different legal areas. Our litigation lawyers have a substantial track record in successfully defending directors in liability cases. Our specialists in the Financing, Securities and Insolvency team are regularly appointed liquidator. Because of their experience in this field, they have in-depth knowledge on how to set up a successful defence for a director that is held liable. In our practice we combine legal knowhow with litigation expertise to get to the heart of the matter, resulting in a solid defence. In a best-case scenario, we are involved in an early stage of the process. Prevention is of course always better than cure when it comes to liability. We can join you in your thought process and advise on your next actions and possible early solutions, especially if you are in a situation where results and liquidity are (temporarily) under pressure. In case the liability suit has already been filed, we will use our expertise and experience to advise you and act for you. Extra judicially, or in court when a legal proceeding is unavoidable. Our specialists also provide advice when you find yourself on the other side. Do you believe that a director is not acting properly and are you suffering damage as a result? We can legally assist you, as we have extensive experience in this area as well. To page Corporate & Commercial Litigation To page Financing, Securities & Insolvency