Rowie Florijn

Rowie has been a lawyer since 2017. She has a passion for insolvency law and enthusiastically supports liquidators with their bankruptcy cases. The District Court of Middle-Netherlands also regularly appoints her as a liquidator. Rowie has a special interest in turbo liquidation, which is the dissolution of an entity without liquidation. She enjoys advising entrepreneurs on turbo liquidation processes and all matters concerned with it.

Rowie likes to join entrepreneurs in their thought process, both in the field of insolvency law and corporate law. She approaches a matter by thinking pragmatically in order to find an opportunity and transform this into a tangible solution. She is often told that her unflagging enthusiasm is contagious – even by entrepreneurs who would rather avoid a complex legal challenge.

Rowie likes to be around people. She combines her social skills with a healthy dose of competitive drive. This combination of character traits makes that she is fully committed to the legal aspects of every matter, but that she will also never lose sight of the human side of a matter or a bankruptcy.
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