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Why register your brand with Holla?

  Merkregistratie Holla Your brands are your most valuable asset. They ensure that your company and products are recognised everywhere. That is why it is key to register and protect your brands.   Bescherming productenAt Holla we make sure that the trademarks that make your company and products unique are protected everywhere in the world.   Ervaren specialist merkregistratieAn experienced lawyer, specialised in intellectual property, will work with you to devise a solid brand strategy.   Beschikbaarheid merkWith every brand application, Holla will conduct an availability study.   Full serviceWe offer full-service brand protection, from application to enforcement. Holla specialises in all phases of the brand registration process, you will have nothing to worry about.   Handhaven merkenrechtenAre your competitors abusing your trademark? Holla's IP-lawyers have extensive experience in enforcing trademark rights.   Tarief merkregistratieCosts for brand registration with Holla start at € 850,-. Our rates can be found here.   .

Why register your design?

Design right protects the appearance of a product. When you register your design, you get the exclusive right to use the unique design of your product. Design registration also helps when imitation products are too similar to your product design, and you want to take action. Our rates
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