Jan Dingemans

With over 25 years of experience, Jan can justifiably be called a ‘seasoned’ lawyer. Jan is a great diplomat who takes all interests into account and is capable of making difficult decisions.

Jan has been associted to our firm since 2015. He specialises in financing, securities and insolvency and has many years of experience as a liquidator in bankruptcies, as an administrator in moratoriums and in assisting and advising companies in financial distress. Jan’s experience varies from bankruptcies with high media exposure, such as the bankruptcy of the Dutch Selexyz bookstore chain, to bankruptcies of large foreign property investment companies.

Jan is a networker in heart and soul and likes to spend time with people. He distinguishes himself as a bridge builder with a clear long-term view. Jan brings his cases to a satisfactory conclusion using an extremely practical approach and occasionally his sense of humour.