Health Law

Are you a professional practitioner in the healthcare sector, are you a health insurance company, the director of or employed by a care institution, or do you simply have medical insurance? We advise and assist all these categories of participants in the healthcare sector in civil-law, disciplinary and criminal-law proceedings.

We can advise you, for example, about medical treatment agreements, the Individual Health Care Professions Act, the medical code of practice, the Personal Data Protection Act, the right of complaint, the Psychiatric Hospitals (Compulsory Admission) Act, the Care Insurance Act, the Law on General Insurance against Special Medical Expenses, agreements with health insurance companies, partnership contracts and agreements made in the framework of setting up a specialist medical company.

Holla unburdens

We used to work in the healthcare sector and we know how it functions and the things that you are likely to encounter. We also speak the same language as care providers. This means we really are at home in healthcare and can support you effectively, whenever necessary, with legal advice and mediation assistance. We can also help you with bidding for contracts, policy development, reorganisations, and setting up forms of partnership and new organisation structures. We unburden you of your legal concerns. Our clients’ interests always come first!

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