Intellectual Property, IT & Privacy

Creativity and innovation are the source of technical and commercial progress. They can be critical to the success of your business. However, because success has many fathers, properly protecting your company or organisation’s intellectual property is essential.

We are specialised in, among other things, trademark and tradename law, copyright law, designs and models law, and patent law. Furthermore, we have in-depth experience in counselling clients about intellectual property rights and in the specific related litigation procedures. Instigating interim injunction proceedings is customarily required in intellectual property litigation because of the urgency of the situation. We leave no stone unturned to protect your property anywhere in the world.

IT Law

The members of our intellectual property team are also experts in the field of law governing ICT and new media. We can, for example, draft or assess licensing agreements or ICT maintenance contracts on your behalf. We manage complex ICT projects and give you the necessary legal input. In addition, we work with you to find the best solution for a dispute and, if necessary, we seek enforcement in court or arbitration.

Is your organisation privcay proof?

As an entrepreneur, institution or government body, you will have to deal with increasingly more privacy-related regulations. What data may you store and process? Are you allowed to exchange this data with third parties? Are you permitted to read your employees’ e-mails or monitor their internet usage? And what is the level of protection of all the information in your remotely hosted CRM system? And how long are you allowed to or do you have to actually store information? These and other questions affect all areas of your organisation. We make the answers clear to you and ensure that your organisation is compliant with current regulations.

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