Employment Law

For you as an entrepreneur, your employees are of inestimable value. However, being an employer also takes a lot of thought. Complex reorganisations, collective and individual redundancy procedures, negotiations with trade unions and works councils; our team of labour law specialists can unburden you of your worries.

We build long-term relationships with our clients in which we serve as a sparring partner for management boards and HR managers. We know the sector and the organisation in which you work like the back of our hand. We know what matters to you and we can provide you with the necessary assistance.

As an employee, you can also become involved in discussions in which you would prefer not to be alone. We provide fast and effective advice irrespective of whether you have been threatened with redundancy or made redundant, talks about upholding your non-competition or non-solicitation clause or your rights and obligations if you suffer work disability.

Holla Advocaten – the new law relating to dismissal

The rules for dismissal and redundancy payments have been fundamentally updated. We have made a summary of all the changes for you. Click here to download the fact sheet for a quick view of what you need to take into account. The introduction of the transition payment as of 1 July 2015 is another important amendment. We have developed a tool with which you can quickly calculate the transition payment.

Clarity regarding the rights and obligations of employers and employees? Contact our experts in labour law.