Bert van den Boom

Bert is a lawyer in the Employment Law team. He advises employers and employees on all legal issues related to employment. An example of this is dismissal, as well as integrity issues, such as theft or #metoo, reorganisations, non-competition clauses or the clarification of collective labour agreement clauses. Besides that, Bert is often called upon by colleagues when they face corporate law or health law issues that touch on employment law, examples of which are issues involving administrators or health specialists.

Bert regularly advises health care institutions, which is why he has extensive knowledge of the associated legislation that affects his clients, such as the act on top incomes (Dutch: WNT) and the act on quality, complaints, and disputes in healthcare (Dutch: Wkkgz).

Bert is a committed lawyer, who is known for his pleasant and personal approach. He has broad experience in representing clients, in proceedings as well as in negotiations. He loves the courtroom: for him, proceedings are the best aspect of the legal profession.

Employment law is all about asymmetry: where an employee is protected by legislation, the employer will typically exercise a directive role. Bert knows how to manage this aspect of employment law and he knows how to get the right tone, in particular when an issue is sensitive, but an employer is in a position where firm action needs to be taken.
Bert van den Boom