Joris van Haalen

Joris has been a lawyer in the Employment Law team of Holla legal & tax since January 2020. Joris advises both employers and employees on all aspects of collective and individual employment law. In the broad spectrum of employment law Joris takes a special interest in dismissal law and the expanding flexible labour market, that is evolving at a rapid pace.

Joris is described as a social person who is not afraid of a legally complex case: he is driven to get to the bottom of it and explore every legal aspect of it. In doing so, he keeps a close eye on the interests of his clients, who will be different every time and therefore always require a personal approach.

Employment law is Joris’ area of interest, because it is very tangible: almost everybody is affected by it in their daily life. Furthermore, there is often large financial and emotional interests involved – for employees, as well as for employers – and Joris is keen on defending those interests.