Arbeidsrecht in het onderwijs

Employment Law in the educational sector

‘The contact and collaboration between SintLucas and Holla has always been pleasant, practical, and clear. The lawyers are available, and communication is concise and, most importantly, comprehensible. Holla always keeps to their agreements and that is something we appreciate. They are a dependable partner that we enjoy working with!’

Marieke van den Hurk, HR Advisor SintLucas

One of the specialties of our employment law team is employment law in the educational sector. We advise several educational institutions, ranging from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities. Our advice covers all matters within education that touch upon the relationship between employer and employee. In addition to that, we organise (in-house) workshops and presentations for our clients.

Our lawyers advise on the following matters and more:

  • Employment contracts
  • CLA-related issues
  • Individual dismissal law
  • Benefit schemes
  • Reorganisations
  • Unemployment and non-statutory benefit schemes

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