Transition Team


Energy transition and sustainability

The transition to new energy sources is complex and requires an integrated approach. You need a consultant with specialist expertise and market knowledge across the range of technologies and project life cycles. Sustainability themes such as circularity and emission reduction require an innovative approach and a high level of expertise. We have been active in the energy market for more than 60 years and in the field of clean energy for more than 15 years. With an excellent reputation for innovation and a track record of working with some of the most entrepreneurial companies in the industry, we regularly advise on first of a kind projects, including energy storage, alternative heat production technologies and circular construction. We are thought leaders and are, for example, a partner in the Urban Mining Collective. Our Holla Transition team is multidisciplinary and helps your organization in a very personal way. Our lawyers are trusted advisor to (energy) companies, developers, investors and governments. One of the greatest challenges and opportunities of today are climate change. Changes are necessary in order to cope with climate change. An energy transition that requires investments in sustainable energy sources such as wind, sun and heat, but also in energy storage. A sustainability transition that requires an interpretation of the concept of circularity, whereby products and raw materials are not consumed but given a second life. And a transition that requires a review of existing working methods and processes. The Holla Transition Team is happy to help you overcome these challenges and seize opportunities. The lawyers of the Holla Transition Team work within various practice groups of our office, including: Liability, Insurance & Transport, Real Estate & Government, Corporate Law, Financing, Security and Insolvency, IP, IT & Privacy and Tax Law. Together they share their special interest in energy and sustainability and work closely together to assist you in all relevant areas of law. The specialists of the Holla Transition Team organize webinars and courses for clients, regularly publish in professional journals, and you will find them at network events such as the Energeia Energy Day and the PROVADA.

The Green Business Club and Holla's Transition Team

The Green Business Club connects organisations, government bodies and educational institutions in order to create a sustainable living situation in the Netherlands. Holla is a partner of the local Green Business Club Spoorzone Eindhoven. Spoorzone in Eindhoven is a rural area that is being developed at a rapid pace. The local Green Business Club aims to create a sustainable, green and lively residential area together.

Proud knowledge partner of the Urban Mining Collective

Partners of New Horizon Material Balance have the same circular mission. Together they act as the Urban Mining Collective (UMC). The UMC uses the city as a source. It makes raw materials and materials from demolition buildings suitable for reuse. Participants in the collective are mainly established names from the construction world, who supply both new and used (hybrid) materials to their customers. Holla advises the collective on legal challenges. Financing, Securities & Insolvency Do you have a question, challenge or project? The lawyers of the Holla Transition Team are happy to help.