Tax Law

It is the most natural thing in the world for companies to consider the tax aspects when making a large number of decisions and determining their strategy. By using tax incentives and options the tax burden can be reduced, directly benefiting the profitability. This increases the room for doing business. In addition, simply complying with the often complex tax legislation and regulations is already challenging enough in itself.

Holla’s philosophy is that tax planning and advice do not stand alone. There are also all sorts of legal and commercial aspects attached to this. Corporations, financial institutions, governments and individuals stand to benefit from integrated legal and tax advice. As a leading legal service provider, Holla has proven it is able to provide its clients to their full satisfaction with tailored advice, driven from the sector approach, specific market knowledge and the highly personal approach that characterises Holla’s DNA.


Holla Tax, our tax practice, covers every aspect of Dutch tax law that companies and their shareholders, tiers of public authorities and wealthy private individuals might encounter. The practice focuses on national and international corporate transactions, including mergers and takeovers, and also internal reorganisations and financial transactions. All of our clients benefit from our solid track record in relation to taxes that impact employee and freelancer deployment and real estate transactions. The tax practice is closely connected to virtually all other expertises at Holla such as labour lawbanking and financemergers and acquisitions, financing, securities and insolvency, corporate law and integrity & compliance.

We are pleased to advise clients on tax optimisation, tax planning, the entire course of the tax return process and also to request rulings. We also have proven experience of tax proceedings, up to Supreme Court level. As professional lawyers, we put our clients’ interests first at all times. We have an excellent relationship with the Tax Authorities and we consult and negotiate frequently with the Tax Authorities on the tax position of our clients. If desired, we give legal opinions and we act for clients who are being audited or held liable by the Tax Authorities for any tax liability of third parties, in particular based on recipients’ liability, vicarious liability and directors’ and officers’ liability.

International tax law

Through our international network European Law Firm, consisting of offices in 28 countries, we are in a position where we can also advise our clients outside the Netherlands on cross-border tax issues. In doing so, we offer the advantages of the attorney-client privilege.

Tax law is always subject to change. Many new laws, policy decisions and important case law see the light each year. International and European developments are also taking place at lightning speed. We keep you up to date through our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter. If there is reason to do so you can expect a tax alert from us so you can take advantage of it quickly. We regularly organise seminars and round table discussions to exchange thoughts with clients on tax trends and current events in a more personal manner.