Corporate Law & Company Law

As an entrepreneur you have the best overview of your company. You are experienced in doing business. But like any entrepreneur you come across opportunities and risks. We are ideally placed to assist you in this. We aim to create an optimal climate to do exactly what you want to do: entrepreneurship.


We help you with (re) financing your company or parts of it in collaboration with our Banking & Finance experts. We also help you establish collateral where necessary. We have an eye for both civil and tax aspects. We spread risks within the group of companies, so that the risks remain where you want to take them. In transactions we help you to keep your risks manageable. This way you will not be faced with any surprises or (directors) liability. Whether this is a going concern, a sales or restart process.

Insolvency / Restructuring

Insolvencies occur in any economic climate. For you as an entrepreneur, there may be opportunities in the insolvency of a buyer or competitor. Many of our lawyers are frequently appointed as trustee or administrator, therefore they are experienced and able to help you make a success of a takeover. In the event of (imminent) bankruptcy of a client or buyer, we help to secure your position and limit losses. We also look at whether it is possible to turn a negative scenario into an entrepreneurial opportunity.

Even in the unlikely event that you should be confronted with (imminent) discontinuity, we are there to assist your company, its directors and its supervisory directors. Focused on the continued existence of the company, whether or not through a reorganization, as well as to protect you from the pitfalls that can exist in insolvency situations.