Companies in the industrial sector are under continuous pressure to produce more for less, while their costs have only increased. As a result of accelerated globalisation, the whole world has become their field of operations. Furthermore, building up a reputation for corporate social responsibility and sustainability has become almost mandatory among all the companies competing in the sector.

Brabant - the heart of Dutch manufacturing

We are based in the heart of Dutch manufacturing and are experts in the automotive, high-tech (OEM, mechatronics and engineering) and steel industries. Market developments and industrial (product) innovations follow each other in rapid succession. We closely monitor everything that is going on in the sector so we can guide you through the maze of regulations that a multinational, small and medium-sized enterprises or start-up all have to face. We can help you explore new opportunities and we remain aware of the legal and financial implications of the choices that are made. This approach gives us both the best result. Do you need legal advice about intellectual property rights, liability law, international commercial law, competition law, corporate law or labour law? We have combined our strengths and can assist you in all these areas. An impression of the possible ways in which we can advise and support you:
  • the protecting and licensing of your innovations and technologies;
  • the drafting and negotiation of (international) contracts, such as franchise and distribution agreements, joint development agreements and purchase and sales contracts;
  • (international) mergers and acquisitions in the industrial sector, financing start-ups and investor exits;
  • applications for complex environmental permits;
  • collective bargaining disputes, reorganisations and the duty of care to employees;
  • litigation of (trade) disputes before courts of law and arbitration institutes.

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