Business services

The Business services industry is developing rapidly. Customers have become more critical about the quality of services, the added value, and the costs. Important topics are creativity and the solidification of customer relations. Besides that, business services providers are investigating possibilities to bind customers by using smart technology to deliver new services. At the same time, they are controlling costs by improving operational efficiency, reducing staff, and merging with or taking over industry peers. We advise business services providers on modern corporate structuring, takeovers, entering and exiting partnerships, alternative financing, securities and intellectual property of electronic services and new business models. We also draft all necessary documentation, such as shareholder agreements, mediation agreements, cooperation agreements and general terms and conditions. We help our clients control occupational and commercial risk and prevent disputes. Might a conflict situation arise nevertheless – internal or external – then we will be happy to act for you in court. We have extensive experience in corporate litigation, including civil liability and disciplinary actions.