Commercial Contracts

Our commercial contract specialists are part of the Corporate Law department, and they focus on drafting and reviewing national and international contracts. In addition to that, they advise on competition matters and anti-trust. They have extensive experience with notification procedures to the Dutch Consumer & Market Authorithy (ACM). Their clients are Dutch companies, international companies with a contractual counterparty in the Netherlands and multinationals with a Dutch branche or office. Our commercial contract specialists are active in several sectors, including industry, retail, food and healthcare.

You can contact our commercial contract lawyers for advice on the following subjects:

  • Partnerships
  • Franchise, distribution, agency, mediation and procurement contracts
  • Purchasing and sales contracts, purchasing and sales conditions, as well as Service Level Agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Development contracts
  • Sponsor contracts
  • Notification procedures to the Consumer & Market Authorithy (ACM) (and the NZa in the healthcare sector)

Full service with an international network

Holla legal & tax is a full service firm with short communication lines. Our specialists will call upon the expertise and knowledge of other departments when necessary. The lawyers in commercial contracting often work with colleagues from the teams Litigation, M&A and Health Law.

A big part of our work is cross-border. For some countries we have a dedicated ‘desk’, examples of which are the French Desk, the German Desk and the Belgium Desk. You can find more information about this on our page European Law. In addition to that, we have an extensive network of international law firms that we collaborate with. This includes our strategic partners, TLT in the United Kingdom and GSJ advocaten in Belgium. This international network enables us to advise you with regards to international contracts in many countries.