Remie Huijs

Remie Huijs has been a partner in the M&A/Corporate Team since 1 January 2019.

Remie assists clients with mergers, acquisitions and setting up joint ventures. He also acts for clients when disputes arise in relation to the finalisation of transactions of this nature and in the event of conflicts between shareholders.

Remie works intensively with accountants, tax advisers, corporate finance specialists, investors and bankers on a daily basis; these professionals also regularly ask him to assist with transactions or resolve conflicts. Remie enjoys his work in the legal profession because of the challenge presented by the interplay between the various disciplines, on the one hand, and between the various interests involved, on the other hand.

Remie has a great affinity with the German language and culture, which explains why both Dutch and German parties regularly ask him to represent them in cases involving an international component. This aspect of his work involves close collaboration with other service providers too.

Besides the work he does in the professional field – which he does with great dedication and commitment – Remie enjoys the good things in life. There’s nothing that he likes more than socialising with friends while enjoying excellent food and drink.