Construction & Tenancy Law

Real estate transactions, rental issues, project development, property rights such as apartment rights and more, the all-round real estate team of Holla legal & tax advises and litigates on the full spectrum of real estate law. Our clients are project developers, real estate owners/investors, housing corporations, retailers, construction firms and government bodies.

Our real estate specialists advise and litigate in the field of tenancy law, construction law, spatial planning (permits and zoning plans) and real estate ownership issues such as limitation period disputes and property rights. In addition to that, they are regularly part of multidisciplinary teams within Holla legal & tax. An example of which is the real estate transaction team, which focuses on real estate transactions.

At Holla legal & tax we have a special interest in the circular economy and the energy transition. This has a strong impact on the work we do in real estate law. That is why a number of our real estate lawyers are member of the Holla Transition Team.