Medical disciplinary law

All professionals in the Dutch health care sector who are registered in the BIG register (Individual Healthcare Professions Act) are subject to medical disciplinary law. When a complaint is filed, the Healthcare Disciplinary Board will examine the actions of a BIG registered professional. As a health care provider, it is your primary goal to provide excellent care to your clients or patients. Receiving a disciplinary complaint can be a stressful experience. That is why it is important that your legal representation has extensive knowledge and experience in health law and disciplinary law. The health care specialists of Holla legal & tax have years of experience assisting with medical disciplinary complaints and they are familiar with every department of the Healthcare Disciplinary Board. We are happy to advise you on the course of a disciplinary process, or to act for you in disciplinary proceedings.

Transparent legal fees

When you are confronted with disciplinary proceedings, the legal fees are the last thing you want to worry about. To avoid being surprised by overrun legal fees, Holla offers the possibility of a clear financial agreement before the start of a procedure. We give advice and assist in disciplinary proceedings, and we charge a fixed fee for the entire process. This includes the intake interview, drafting of procedural documents, correspondence, and assistance during various hearings. And of course, we will always do this in close consultation.

What to expect in disciplinary proceedings

In medical disciplinary hearings peer professionals and lawyers will examine on a medical and legal level whether the conduct of the accused professional complies with the relevant norms and regulations. It is assessed whether the professional acted in a way that is consistent with the conduct we can expect from a conscientiously acting professional in similar circumstances. In addition to that, it is often examined whether certain laws and regulations have been complied with. If you have questions about medical disciplinary law, or if you want to make an appointment, please contact one of our health law specialists. Please also contact us if you are interested in a presentation or course about medical disciplinary law, we can tailor this to your profession or specialty.