Shareholders' disputes

Conflicts between shareholders are common. A shareholders' dispute can have many unfortunate consequences, business operations can be seriously affected by a conflict, and it can cause trouble in the private lives of the involved parties, especially when the operation is a family business. The litigation lawyers of Holla legal & tax have extensive experience advising shareholders who find themselves in a conflict with one or more other shareholders. In some cases a shareholders' dispute can be solved by reaching a mutual agreement. Our lawyers can give advice in the background, or they can play an active mediating role. In other cases, a termination of the partnership is unavoidable. Holla's lawyers have a great deal of experience assisting shareholders in negotiations and/or legal proceedings, in order to arrange the best possible exit from the partnership. Because prevention is better than any cure, it is good practice for a company to add a clause to the articles of association or to draw up an agreement that describes what will happen if a conflict arises between shareholders. This can prevent unnecessary discussions or legal proceedings. Our lawyers can assist in drawing up this documentation. Are you involved in a shareholders' dispute? Contact one of our litigation specialists. Return to page Litigation