Cross border Employment Law

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Because Holla is part of a strategic alliance with the law firms GSJ (Belgium) and TLT (United Kingdom) and because we are situated near the Belgian border, our employment lawyers have extensive experience advising in cross border matters. Our clients include employers who work with frontier employees and multinational organisations. Our employment law practice regularly advises Dutch organisations in matters concerning cross border employment. Take as an example an employee who lives in Belgium, and works in the Netherlands: which rules do you follow in case of a dismissal? And if a procedure is necessary, where do you litigate, and which specifics regarding frontier employees do you have to keep in mind? What will happen when a frontier worker living in Belgium becomes unfit for their job? At Holla we are experts on the legal regulations that apply in these particular circumstances. We can advise you, and, if necessary, act for you in legal proceedings. In addition to that, our employment lawyers organise seminars and (in-house) workshops about the specific legal aspects of frontier work. Furthermore, we advise multinationals on the full spectrum of employment law. On the page Employment Law, you can find a complete overview of our services. In part because of our cooperation with our partner firms we can offer our clients seamless and fast cross border advice. This also goes for matters where multiple jurisdictions are concerned.
Examples or our international work:
  • Advising an employer about concerns and risks when an employee moves to another country and wishes to stay employed with the Dutch organisation.
  • Acting for Dutch employers in legal procedures concerning the termination of employment contracts with frontier workers, most of whom were residing in Belgium or Germany.
  • Advising a British company on the possibilities to allow remote working from the Netherlands.
  • Advising on the reintegration process of an employee who fell ill abroad and could not travel back to the Netherlands.
  • Advising on different expat and impat constructions.
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