Corporate Litigation

Corporate Litigation covers all disputes that may arise between the corporate bodies of a company. This includes disputes among shareholders or directors, disputes between shareholders and directors, disputes with the board of directors or the supervisory board, as well as disputes with the works council. These conflicts often affect the organisation in several ways and are therefore multidisciplinary.

The Corporate Litigation-team of Holla

The specialists of Holla’s Corporate Litigation-team have extensive experience acting on behalf of clients in corporate disputes. Our specialists know the ropes, they gained experience in different fields of law that are relevant in corporate conflicts. In addition, the team is regularly updated on the latest developments in the legal field. They attend interactive sessions conducted by experts who are often appointed as arbitrators and are editors of the corporate law magazine ARO (Actuele Rechtspraak Ondernemingsrecht). Our litigators are fully aware that this type of conflict has its own dynamics and rules, and only a small portion of that is legally defined. A large part of the legal framework is formed by case law at the Enterprise Chamber of the Amsterdam Court of Appeal (OK). For this reason, a broad knowledge base and previous experience are vital elements in litigation. When strategizing for the matters they work on, the members of our team regularly consult each other or external advisors, which usually leads to excellent results.

Need advice?

Are you confronted with a conflict involving the corporate bodies of a company? Contact one of the members of our Corporate Litigation-team, we are happy to advise you. In our experience it is not advisable to try and solve these kinds of – often delicate – matters without support. Especially if you are not informed about the tools that are available. Return to page Litigation