Absenteeism and incapacity for work

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Absenteeism due to illness is a costly matter, and it creates responsibilities for employers. A two week absence because of the flu is manageable, but matters are different when one of your employees is faced with longterm illness or when a reintegration process is required. Reintegration can be complex and difficult, and sometimes the process can get stuck. If you are dealing with a reintegration process as an employer, it is important to stay in control and to take the right next steps. Examples of issues that may arise are whether or not you should request an expert opinion, and whether or not you should suspend wages. Holla legal & tax’s employment law team has broad knowledge and extensive experience in the field of employee illness, occupational health specialists, the reintegration process, suspension of wages and expert opinions. We have particular expertise on the subject of the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV), objection and appeal procedures wage sanctions and liability matters involving the occupational health and safety service, employment experts or reintegration service providers. The employment law specialists of Holla are happy to advise employers who are faced with incapacity for work, longterm absenteeism due to illness or a reintegration process. Please contact one of our specialists if you have questions or if you would like to make an appointment. Examples of the work in our absenteeism practice:
  • Successfully representing an employer in a legal proceedings concerning suspension of wages, after the employee in question failed to cooperate with reintegration, without a valid reason.
  • Successfully defending an organisation in an appeal procedure after the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) imposed a wage sanction.
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