Michelle van de Wert

Michelle has joined Holla legal & tax in March 2021. She is part of the Corporate Law team; within this speciality she focuses on mergers and acquisitions.

As a lawyer, Michelle enjoys exploring a matter thoroughly, without losing track of the bigger picture and the final objective. In 2018, Michelle graduated from Tilburg University for her master’s in corporate law. Beforehand, she obtained her pre-master’s in business administration in San Francisco. This was an unforgettable experience for her in an inspiring city.

Michelle grew up in an entrepreneurial family and she has been interested in business from an early age. Therefore, it was not surprising that she chose to specialise in corporate law. To complete her masters in corporate law, Michelle wrote her thesis on ‘business succession within family enterprises’. In corporate law she can combine her fascination for entrepreneurship and family businesses with her passion for the law.