Sports Law

Our Sports Law practice follows the developments in sports closely, mapping out the associated legal risks for you. This might come in the form of advice, but our specialists can also assist you in legal proceedings.


The Netherlands is a real sporting nation. The performance standard of both our professional and amateur athletes is high, with a relatively high number of sportspeople with top-level ambitions. The Dutch sports sector is besides pioneering in the field of innovation, in particular thanks to technological breakthroughs in materials, nutrition and information. In short: the sports sector is on the up!

Sports Law Practice

The Sports Law practice consists of experienced lawyers who specialise in a particular area of law. However, they all have one thing in common: an affinity for sport. Within the Sports Law practice, legal matters can arise across quite diverse areas, for example  in the field of:

  • employment law (labour disputes, contract negotiations, transfer agreements), 
  • IP law (image rights, merchandising), 
  • corporate law (statutes, sponsorship contracts, M&A), 
  • liability law (personal injury), 
  • tax law, 
  • property law (rental, ownership, leasehold), 
  • disciplinary law (codes of conduct, regulations, doping, match-fixing) or arbitration (CAS). 


We understand that sport involves more than rules alone. The emotions experienced and the dynamic nature of the world of sport mean that a different approach needs to be adopted to issues involving sports law. Our aim is to make life as easy as possible for clubs, athletes, associations, sponsors and players’ agents – at an amateur and professional level – by taking care of legal aspects for them, which frees up valuable time for them to focus on what really matters: sport itself.


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