Personal Injury

Enforcing compensation claims on your behalf

If liability can be established, ascertaining which injuries are eligible for compensation is just as important and sometimes just as complex. This is because personal injury usually has far-reaching consequences and affects all aspects of daily life. Compensation claims can focus on, among other things, incurred (medical) expenses, loss of income, the costs of home care and emotional injury. Future damage and, under specific circumstances, losses suffered by people who take care of the victim are also eligible for compensation.It does not matter whether you are the victim or the person held responsible for the injuries, you want to know where you stand and what your rights and obligations are. Our law firm has the largest personal injury department in the Southern Netherlands. We have, among other things, all taken the specialist personal injury training course at Grotius Academy and are members with the Dutch Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA). We would be pleased to share our knowledge with you.

We advise you and represent your interests in personal injury cases.

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