European Law

More and more legislation is being created at the European level with direct consequences for every company. This European legislation permeates all areas of Dutch law. European law also plays a role if you are doing business abroad. We keep a close eye on European developments. More in particular, we advise on all aspects concerning European and national competition, M&A transactions, public procurement and state aid. You can also contact us for cross-border issues such as environmental matters.

In addition, there are other topics for which European law plays a role. For example, the protection of consumers, employees, distributors, franchisees or licensees and the internal market. Examples occur in all kinds of legal areas, such as the content of general terms and conditions, setting up a web shop, strict construction and safety requirements, quality marks, food safety standards. Do you have a dispute, or do you want to walk ahead as a company? Our lawyers know all the ins and outs of this variety of European issues.

For some countries in particular, we have a special “desk”:

Belgian desk

French desk 

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German desk

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