Managing Partner

Robert Gebel

Robert joined Holla in 2015, he is partner in the business unit Real Estate & Government and since 1 May 2019 he is the Managing Partner of Holla. Robert has been a lawyer for over 22 years, he has been working in commercial real estate and civil construction law and has been involved in various real estate projects. This includes local and international development projects, an example of which is the construction of the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg. His clients are project developers, housing corporations, investors, construction companies and (lower) government bodies.

To close a rock-solid deal: that is what matters most, according to Robert. Colleagues describe him as a true deal maker: he is result-oriented and will not lose sight of the interests of all parties involved. He prefers to settle problems outside of the courtroom, but with his extensive experience in litigation he is also able protect his clients’ interests fully in court.

And even outside of his daily practice, Robert does not leave a stone unturned: he is fascinated by buildings. He keeps up to date with and reads extensively about architectural projects. He has profound respect for the creativity and guts that were needed to complete iconic construction projects such as the Pantheon in Rome or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Robert Gebel 2