Pro Bono Office

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As a law firm, we think it is important that we take our social responsibility and that we give back to our society. That is why we offer legal advice and assistance in legal procedures to organisations that pursue or support social interests. In addition to that, we offer aid to companies that do not have the means to obtain legal assistance. Our pro bono office mainly deals with common disputes, examples of which are debt collection, (inadequate) fulfilment of contracts and acquisition fraud. We mainly offer pro bono services to organisations that are working towards an inclusive society and that support equal opportunities for all. Through our work we want to actively contribute to a world where diverse backgrounds, preferences and appearances are considered as strengths.

Selection procedure

If you are interested in obtaining pro bono legal aid, you can submit an application with our selection committee. They will assess whether your organisation meets our criteria for pro bono work. They will, for example, evaluate the social activities of your organisation, the financial situation, and past disputes, if any. Besides that, they will assess whether our firm has the necessary expertise and the availability to take on the matter.


Apply for pro bono legal aid by contacting one of the selection team members by phone or e-mail.