Solange Drieshen

Solange is part of the government team at Holla legal & tax. She has specific knowledge of environmental law (zoning plans, the environment and environmental permits), the Bibob Act (refusal or withdrawal of a permit) and enforcement (administrative sanctions).

Previously, Solange worked as a lawyer at an Amsterdam law firm, before making the switch to Holla in December 2022.

She has a great affinity with administrative criminal law, acting in the field where administrative law meets criminal law. Solange holds master's degrees in Constitutional and Administrative Law and Criminal Law. Together with several other lawyers, she founded the Association of Bibob lawyers (VEBIBA), in which she acts as secretary.

Solange is characterized by her professional knowledge and strategic insight. She strives for maximum results and believes quality is paramount. Additionally, she pays personal attention to all her clients.
Solange Drieshen