Joost Wasser

Joost is a partner at Holla legal & tax and within his practice he focuses on criminal matters. His clients are governments and government officials, including provinces, municipalities, water boards, police departments, paramedic services, healthcare institutions and health professionals, as well as organisations or private individuals that are suspected of a violation of economical or environmental laws. Furthermore, Joost advises in matters regarding medical confidentiality, medication errors, fraud, the cross-over area between audits and investigations, environmental offences and matters of (alleged) bribery. Besides that, he regularly assists officials and politicians in investigations with possible cases of integrity violations.

Joost is a lawyer since 1997 and a partner since 1999. After obtaining his law degree he studied to become a public prosecutor or judge and before he started working as a lawyer, he was a public prosecutor for over 7 years. He has been active in the legal practice for over 35 years.

Joost combines knowledge with engagement. He chooses to always approach his clients in a personal manner. Joost is the kind of lawyer who always puts his clients’ interests first. His clients can expect a thorough treatment of their case and he will be available for them at all times.