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Risk consulting

Are you faced with fraud or do you suspect any other breach of your rights?

Is the integrity of your organisation or compliance at risk? Do you suspect that a contract party is intentionally failing to comply with its obligations, or that (grant) conditions are not being observed? In that case, you want to know where you stand. In that kind of situation, Holla Integrity & Compliance supports clients with effective investigations and opinions. In doing so, we combine the examined facts with legal advice and we give recommendations on management decisions to be made. Holla Integrity & Compliance focuses on Fraud, Regularity Audits and Compliance. We work together with requested accountants and IT experts, where the Holla Integrity & Compliance team controls the work and reports. With a combined study, you receive a thorough report with relevant answers and opinions faster. These studies are objective and independent and take place under the rules of conduct for lawyers. Our specific role of lawyer, combined with knowledge and skills of other experts, quickly shows what has happened exactly and who can be held responsible. We can do that quickly and effectively, because different experts and lawyers work together in one team according to the same system.

Your advantage

This efficient approach means you have less costs and are assured that sensitive findings and opinions fall under the confidentiality of our legal services. Because the studies are objective, the findings are useful in the courtroom and they can also help in making structural improvements in the organisation. The opinions we give are specifically aimed at you however and are based on your specific situation.


In the event of possible fraud, suspicious transactions, or unethical behaviour you want to know what the situation is and what has caused it. It is not ruled out that weaknesses or errors in your own organisation play a role. Holla Integrity & Compliance can efficiently respond to legally relevant questions, indicate what the causes are and what actions are required to recover the damage and to prevent future fraud. Holla Integrity & Compliance carries out interviews, secures evidence together with experts and establishes suspected fraud patterns. This direct involvement makes Holla Integrity & Compliance an excellent conversational partner to discuss your legal position and the next steps. In addition, the intensive cooperation with accountants and experts guarantees practical advice on organisation improvements and the introduction of preventive measures.

Regularity audits

In the event of a breach of contractual rights Holla Integrity & Compliance examines how contractual agreements have been fulfilled. Holla Integrity & Compliance can provide clarity by comparing the performances given to the agreed contractual agreements, fee notes and financial reports. Our report shows how the damage can be recovered according to your legal position and whether compliance with the contractual arrangements is still possible in an alternate manner.


The rules that your organisations must adhere to are becoming more numerous and more complex. Regularly, you will be asked whether your organisation can continue to adhere to the rules now and in the future. Sometimes a compliance incident arises meaning that this question has to be answered quickly. This could be cost and competition rules, special tendering procedures, compliance with subsidy conditions, or protection of personal data. The lawyers and compliance experts at Holla Integrity & Compliance examine how your organisation has applied the rules and whether mistakes were made. After analysis and study, we give advice on legal and organisational measures to prevent compliance problems in the future. In addition, we indicate the consequences for your procedures, people and the reports to regulators.


We are frequently involved in special investigations where economic and legal aspects affect each other. Our experience and expertise mean we understand how organisations work. In our engagements, our lawyers work with accountants and other subject-matter experts together. We work according to clear principles and speak with one voice. This means we can offer you effective advice and guidance, both at a procedural-legal level, as well as on measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

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