Banking & Finance

Banking Finance
We oversee financing pathways for borrowers and financiers. In this respect, we take charge of producing the documents, negotiate the terms on your behalf and draft the required financing agreements and draft the securities documents. In addition, we supervise restructuring plans and can advise you about collateral. Together with you, we determine a strategy for seizure and foreclosure that takes all the commercial and legal risks into account. If negotiations unexpectedly break down or different interests are at odds, we will litigate on your behalf as a borrower, financier or receiver. The Banking & Finance team is part of the Finance, Securities & Insolvency division. A number of lawyers in the team are regularly appointed as receiver or administrator in bankruptcy or moratorium proceedings, respectively. This means we can provide you with optimal support if you become involved in, for example, a pre-pack, restart or asset deal.

Holla Advocaten: a partner you can rely on

Holla is your strong and dependable partner for banking and finance in the Southern Netherlands. We focus on the market that involves financiers, investors, insurers, corporations, (public) institutions and advisers, such as lawyers, treasury and financial consultants and auditors, receivers, bailiffs and the tax authorities. Within this playing field, we have an excellent (international) network at our disposal and we work together with highly reputed firms of auditors, civil-law notaries, bailiffs, and other legal and financial consultants.


Because we litigate in and out of bankruptcy, we can serve as your legal business partner in every stage of finance-related proceedings, ranging from, for example, structuring a financing application to executing securities. You can turn to us for:
  • advice including legal opinions
  • in-depth analysis or a quick scan of an existing contracts portfolio
  • financing contracts, such as loan, security and derivative documentation (interest swaps), and internal corporate decision making
  • litigation
  • project management
  • winding-up (receivership)
  • in-house services for a specific period of time or contract

Are you looking for a legal expert? Holla Advocaten: number one in the Southern Netherlands for Banking and Finance.