Strategic alliance Holla, TLT & GSJ

It is common knowledge that legal advice does not stop at country borders. At Holla legal & tax we understand that the world is bigger than just our region. We know that global developments have a direct impact on companies, whether they operate internationally or not. Holla has been present in the Dutch corporate world for a long time and our specialists have deep knowledge of their clients’ sectors and regions. They subsequently place this in the larger, international context. We call this Local Hearts, Global Minds.

As do our clients, we too notice that cross-border legal advice is becoming increasingly relevant. That is why we have decided to create a strategic alliance of like-minded law firms in Europe, North America, and India. This way, we can offer our clients seamless legal advice in the Netherlands and abroad.

The first steps towards the envisioned international alliance have been taken. In June 2020 we entered in a strategic partnership with TLT LLP in the United Kingdom. In January of 2021, the Belgian law firm GSJ advocaten joined. The alliance with our partner firms enables us to support Dutch, Belgian and Anglo-Saxon businesses in their international operations. In addition to that, we share knowledge, expertise, and innovation with our strategic partners.

Our partner firms

TLT Solicitors

The British law firm TLT has approximately 1.200 employees working from seven locations in the UK. They offer legal advice to businesses and governments in the UK and abroad. TLT has a strong presence in the public and the private sector. The knowledge, expertise and client base of the British firm align closely with Holla legal & tax.

GSJ advocaten

The full-service firm GSJ advocaten was founded in Antwerp in 1985. This leading law firm mainly serves the domestic market. The team exists of 18 partners and 58 lawyers, and they specialise in sectors such as banking and insurance, real estate, retail, industry, the public sector, education, and healthcare. GSJ has a strong position in both the public and the private domain.