We are Holla Advocaten

We are Holla Advocaten. At Holla Advocaten, we like to take things personally. This means we are genuinely involved in your case and always place your interests first. We have an eye for the people behind a case and, besides professional legal assistance, we also offer advice to large corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, government bodies, non-profit organisations, care institutions and private individuals.

Everyone is different, every case is unique

Whenever you need representation as a private individual, entrepreneur, manager, administrator, employer, hard worker, shareholder, professional, a victim of fraud, landlord, insurance policyholder, local councillor, defendant, creditor, shopkeeper or employee, or because you are vulnerable, wealthy or married, or have been made redundant or declared bankrupt, whatever your case may involve, whatever you do or whoever you are, you want to receive professional and personal legal assistance whenever the situation demands. You want the best advice and most effective representation there is for a fair price. Holla Advocaten understands all this and offers a personal approach for everyone because no two people are the same, every client is different and every case is unique.

Personal contact, a face you can trust

We solve your problems or prevent you from having them. Our lawyers are specialists who work closely together so they can use each other’s knowledge and expertise. We are only satisfied when our cases have been brought to a successful conclusion or litigation has been avoided altogether. We willingly combine our strengths in order to provide the necessary expertise, knowledge and experience.

Because no two cases are the same, Holla Advocaten combines the knowledge and experience of more than 60 lawyers who are specialised in the widest possible range of fields of law. You will be assigned the specialist who can give you the best possible assistance; a personal contact with a face you can trust who will unburden you of your worries and concerns, irrespective of whether you are an entrepreneur, company board chairman, professional, manager or private individual.

Strong across the board with an eye for detail

Holla Advocaten is ready to provide you with personal assistance, to represent your interests and to mobilise all the forces at our disposal for you personally. Strong across the board with an eye for detail.