Real estate

Property construction, design, investment, development, purchase/sale and management involves a large number of legal procedures. You may have to deal with public law regulations, for example, related to spatial planning, the environment and state support. Civil law regulations can also play an important role in, among other things, drafting leases, construction agreements, agreements with contractors and property development schemes, and in connection with project financing and intellectual property rights on, for example, construction drawings.

Within the property sector, we have combined our legal expertise and experience from various disciplines. We can therefore give you advice about the widely ranging legal matters involved, for example, commercial leases, property management, construction and purchase/sale, spatial planning, public-private partnerships and environmental issues.

Holla Advocaten lays the foundations you can build on

Our clients include commissioning authorities, contractors, investors, developers and architects. We have an affinity with the construction sector and experience in the different forms of construction organisation. As a result, we are able to represent various interests efficiently, practically and effectively. Together with you, we determine the right approach and investigate the feasibility of different solutions. Should litigation be required, we can assist you in arbitration and/or civil-law proceedings.

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