The Healthcare sector is complex and fast-moving. Increasingly stringent requirements are set for quality and transparency and healthcare institutions must factor in various different interests. In this dynamic work field, there are several legal issues that play a role.

At Holla legal & tax we have many years of experience in the healthcare sector. Our firm advises on all legal subjects that are relevant in healthcare, such as health law, real estate, liability and insurance, administrative law, employment law and corporate law. We are very experienced in collaboration in healthcare, financing, and medical disciplinary law. Besides that, we advise on tenders, policy development, reorganisations, partnerships, and new organisational structures.

Our teams from different legal fields join forces to offer a full range of legal services to healthcare institutions and care providers. Our specialists are experts in their own field of law, and they have a passion for healthcare. A dynamic sector requires a pro-active approach. That is why our lawyers are not just competent professionals, they will act as a business partner, so that they can fully promote their clients’ interests.