Education is also a complex field from a legal viewpoint. The days when it involved little more than the position of teaching staff are long gone. The relevant legal questions can concern different fields of law, such as labour law, administrative law, corporate law and family law.

The cases handled by our firm are illustrative of the large diversity of legal issues and points of contention in the educational sector. Can a secondary school, for example, implement its own admission policy, such as a system for drawing lots? Is a university of applied science allowed to fire a lecturer without a dismissal permit? And does it matter whether these things occur within the public, special or private education systems? A question that may occur is what information a school has to give divorced parents. Is one parent entitled to receive more information than the other? Other questions that may arise are whether a school can expel a student because his or her parents misbehave and who decides whether a student can take exams for national qualifications: the student or the school.

The above examples are a random selection of the types of dilemmas faced by educational institutions, students, schoolchildren and parents. We know the way and assist institutes of higher education and primary education school boards through the legal complexities. Our specialist knowledge of different fields of law is indispensable in this respect.

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