Vivian Klaassen, Legal Assistant

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Vivian Klaassen, Legal Assistant

Vivian first joined Holla Advocaten in January 2020. The first two months as a student intern, followed by a month as a legal assistant in the employment law department. After a short interim period, Vivian re-started as a legal assistant in the employment law department in October 2020. In addition to her work at Holla, Vivian is in the final phase of the Master of Civil Law at Radboud University. During her first internship, employment law had immediately aroused her interest. After following a number of employment law courses and her internship in employment law, this interest only grew stronger.

In her spare time, Vivian can be found at the NMHC Hockey field twice a week, in the parks of Nijmegen for a bootcamp class or on the golf course. During holidays, Vivian prefers to go to Austria as long as there’s snow, to spend as many hours on the slopes as possible. Whether that is hours of skiing or hours “mit einem Weißbier in die Sonne” we leave up to your imagination.

Track Record

Side activities

  • 2017-2020, Elden Bewindvoering
    Administratief Medewerker
  • 2018-2020, Rechtswinkel 's-Hertogenbosch
    Juridisch Medewerker
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