Roel Westrik, Head Research Office

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Roel Westrik, Head Research Office

Roel is the head of our Research Office. He advises in case files, observes and monitors developments in legislation, literature and administration of justice and shares this information with our lawyers via digital newsletters and lunchtime lectures. He makes sure the most recent findings and knowledge are available to our lawyers so they can optimally assist their clients. Amidst the torrent of legal developments, Roel is also responsible for ‘knowledge management’.

Roel is also a senior lecturer in Civil Law at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. In 2001, he obtained a PhD with his thesis ”Tenancy agreements are not terminated by sale” and the “letting clause”. His focus areas are civil law (in a broad sense) and European law. He educates and publishes in these fields. Roel’s many qualities are demonstrated by the fact that he initiated and organised the 2010 international congress of ‘Party Autonomy in International Property Law’ (booklet, Sellier Publishers, Munich 2011).

Roel finds it inspiring to operate at the intersection of theory and practice in this combination of professions. According to Roel, ‘You have to walk a tightrope that constantly offers new insights.’

Track Record

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2008 - heden, Holla Advocaten
    Hoofd Wetenschappelijk Bureau
  • 1991 - heden, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    Universitair hoofddocent Privaatrecht
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