Rick Hoeppermans

+31 (0) 88 44 02 479

Rick joined Holla Advocaten in February 2020, in the Liability, Insurance and Transport department. As he had already done a student internship at Holla, he immediately knew his way around. Rick completed his bachelor’s degree in Law and his master’s degree in Private Law (specialization: Liability) at Utrecht University. In addition to fully enjoying his student life, Rick has developed a passion for liability law outside his studies. During his college years, Rick worked at a law firm specialized in assisting traffic accident victims, where he handled several cases himself. This further strengthened his passion for liability law.

Despite the fact that Rick lives ‘above the rivers’ for quite some time, he has never lost his southern roots and Rick feels very much at home in the Brabant culture at Holla. Rick is a real social person and he likes to go out and spend time with his friends. Rick is a huge football fanatic and he keeps a close eye on all football news. It will rarely happen that Rick is not aware of a player or coach transfer. Rick enjoys watching football matches and in his spare time he occasionally visits a match in the stadium.