Luuk is the intellectual property specialist at Holla. He has worked for our firm since 1997 and has been a partner since 2007. He heads the Intellectual Property & ICT team. Luuk is an expert in trademark and copyright law. He also specialises in all aspects of ICT law from licensing agreements to maintenance contract negotiations.

Luuk’s work as a lawyer is characterised by his perfectionism: he always aims for top-quality results. He is also very committed to his clients’ interests. He practices his profession with great enthusiasm, which probably stems from the fact that he likes working with people who make splendid designs or develop innovative concepts.

If Spain was a brand, Luuk would have registered it. He has a great passion for everything to do with Spain: the country, the language and the people. He lived in Barcelona for six months during his college years and still goes to Spain at least twice a year. Luuk also has a classic Alfa Romeo that he likes to drive around in – that is if it starts, because you never know with vintage cars.

Track Record

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2007 - heden, Holla Advocaten
  • 1997 - 2006, Holla Advocaten


  • 2001, Grotius Opleidingen
  • 1992 - 1997, Universiteit van Tilburg
  • 1995 - 1996, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Side activities

  • BMM (Beneluxvereniging voor Merken- en Modellenrecht)
  • NVvIR (Nederlandse vereniging van Informatietechnologie en Recht)
  • Ronde Tafel (40+)
  • BZW regio 's-Hertogenbosch
  • AutomatiseringsGids
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