Jody has been working at Holla since 2018, where she forms part of the Liability, Insurance and Transport practice. After completing her Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Tilburg, she moved to the Randstad to pursue her second Master’s. At the Erasmus School of Law she focused on Liability Law and Insurance Law, achieving her Master’s in Liability Law and Insurance. Another thing she mastered that year, was the Rotterdam mentality of tackling things head-on.

Jody appreciates the importance of a personal touch in law. Her choice for liability law – and personal injury in particular – is as such not coincidental. Jody’s knowledge of the area of insurance law allows her not only to aid policyholders, but also advise insurance companies and brokers. Jody is characterised by the care and commitment she brings to each case.

Colleagues describe Jody as a socially skilled and driven individual, engaged in the process of getting the best possible outcome for our clients.

At the end of her studies, Jody set off with her backpack to Southeast Asia, where she stayed for a few months. Her ultimate dream is to travel the world: its stunning nature, fantastic cultures and the unknown fascinate her. That said, she also makes the most of destinations closer to home, hopping to trendy European cities here and there of a weekend. When she isn’t visiting the hippest venues in Berlin, Copenhagen or Antwerp, Jody can be found surfing or snorkelling on the beaches of Southeast Asia. A true citizen of the world.

Track Record

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2018 - heden, Holla Advocaten
  • 2018, Holla Advocaten
    Juridisch medewerker
  • 2018, Den Engelsman Hoogenboom Advocaten
    Juridisch medewerker
  • 2017, DEKRA People B.V.
    Trainee Personenschade
  • 2017, Maarten Tromp Advocaten
  • 2017, Nationale Nederlanden Legal & Compliance
  • 2014, Zwartbol Advocaten B.V.


  • 2017, Erasmus school of Law
    Master Aansprakelijkheid en Verzekering
  • 2017, Tilburg University
    Master Rechtsgeleerdheid, accent Privaatrecht
  • 2015, Charles University, Prague
    Bachelor Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • 2012, Tilburg University
    Bachelor Rechtsgeleerdheid

Side activities

  • ELSA Tilburg
    Commissielid Conferences & Seminars
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