Ineke Roelandschap

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Ineke started working in the Liability, Insurance and Transport team in January 2021. Ineke has been working as a specialized personal injury lawyer since 2011 and worked at several other law firms before joining Holla. She mostly assists victims. This can concern victims of, for example, road or industrial accidents, but also victims of medical errors or crime victims.

Ineke is very passionate about her clients. A victim must be able to focus on his / her recovery and Ineke ensures that this is also possible by taking on the legal hassle. In addition, thanks to her many years of experience, Ineke has the right connections with other players in the personal injury field, so that a victim can also be helped with recovery in other ways than money, for example coaches or labor experts.

Ineke does not shy away from a good and sharp legal discussion, which means she can always achieve the best possible result for her clients.

She is a member of various specialization associations, to keep her up-to-date on all the ins and outs and can therefore keep her high quality of legal knowledge. She is a member of the LSA, the VJPP and the WAA.

In her spare time, Ineke enjoys planting and harvesting vegetables and fruits in her vegetable garden and lets her colleagues enjoy the harvest. In addition, she likes to rock with bands at summer festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.

Track Record

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2014-2021, SAP Letselschade Advocaten
  • 2011-2014, Haagrecht Advocaten


  • 2019-2020, Grotius Academie
  • 2005-2011, Universiteit van Amsterdam
    Privaatrechtelijke Rechtspraktijken

Side activities

  • 2020-heden, Vereniging van Letselschade Advocaten (LSA)
  • 2015-heden, Vereniging Jonge Professionals Personenschade (VJPP)
  • 2011-heden, Werkgroep Artsen Advocaten (WAA)
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